Live Action Roleplaying


Perfect Battle  v.1.0

Perfect Battle is a 4 player 3D action/strategy game on one computer. Control a tank and defend your base. Blow your opponent to dust with turrets, towers and with many cool weapons.Features: 1. Up to four player at the same time on one computer. 2.

Supreme  v.1.0

Supreme: is a classic 2 player action/strategy game. Control a spacecraft and blow up your opponents. Gather acid to upgrade and build new ships.Features: 1. Play against four differents computers or a friend. 2. Control your ship with either gamepad


Perfect Battle Online  v.1.0b

Perfect Battle Online is a fresh sequel to Perfect Battle and our most exciting 3D action/strategy game ever.Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where Perfect Battle: A New World Order left off.

Fashion Finder - Secrets of Fashion  v.32.0

The first photo-realistic live action hidden-objects game! Meet Abigail Andrews - a true trendspotter.

Relics: Dark Hours  v.

Relics: Dark Hours is a hidden-object & adventure game. Relics brings point-and-click adventure games to a new level utilizing live-action footage to immerse you into a real world environment.

MagnifiScope  v.

"MagnifiScope" acts like a digital Magnifying Glass or Telescope. Use the camera on your Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8 Device to increase the size of text, distant objects, or anything else! View live action or existing Photographs with magnification.

Animal Alphabet  v.

Geoffrey the Giraffe introduces children to the alphabet with the use of animation, catchy songs, and live action animal videos from the National Geographic Film Library. "This is The Animal Alphabet! How much more fun can the alphabet get?!"

PlayUp  v.

Pick your sport, invite your friends and hang out during the live action. Love talking with your friends about sport? Then you'll love PlayUp, the only social network dedicated to fans of live sport. ALL THE LIVE SCORES PlayUp allows you to easily

Zombies Ate My Wonders  v.

Zombies Ate My Wonders sees Professor Klada time travel back to 2012 with his hordes of evil zombies. He has a cunning plan to strike back against humanity by targeting the Seven Wonders of the World. Enjoy an action adventure combining live action

Altair VI  v.

Altair VI is a turn-based action roleplaying game, set in an original science fiction environment. Altair VI takes inspiration from board games, collectible card games and turn-based roleplaying games to create an original gaming experience. During

SpeedWords Arena  v.

Are you good with words? Ready to test your skills in a live-action competition? SpeedWords Arena combines the skill of wordplay with fast-paced action in a live online event where you compete against everyone else around the world playing the same

Tick The  v.1.0

The Tick is a captivating and fun old school sega game. The Tick seems to have no memory of his life before being The Tick, and indeed not much memory of anything; possibly due to frequent head injuries.

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